Sailing Geko

Sailing with maybe the new owner of Geko. 4 knots boatspeed in dead flat calm air. Haiko came from Holland. He missed his connecting flight as INS detained him. “I protested the Vietnam war too much…” he said. My kind of guy.

sailing puget sound

4 thoughts on “Sailing Geko”

  1. What’s with the under-rotated mast – intentional in the super-light?

    Does Phillip Anger want power or sail? – or a hybrid, perhaps… Is he interested in low-cost ply-epoxy cylinder molding? And possibly a flock of soft-wing free-standing sails (Kurt knows what I’m talking about).

    Cheers, Chris.

  2. do or have you ever done a 145′ trimaran with 3 cargo hulls and multi levels or anything close to that

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