Boat Ronin

Ronin refers to the ancient saumarai warriors who had no fixed master.  These are boatbuilders who have a skill set and perhaps a shop but are not official boatyards.  Often they can travel to your jobsite.

Eric Friberg, in Bellingham, WA                         360-389-8599 and

Ken Lincoln, in Port Townsend, WA          on Face at

Joe Kitchell, west coast of north and central America. and  He was recently featured in Proboat so he may have become a rock star by now.

Greg Feldman-  GF Marine             2741 Cranberry Hwy
Wareham, MA  02571      (508) 314-2706


Anyone else belongs here, let me know and I will add.


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  1. Hello,
    I live east of Austin Tx. Outside a town called Bastrop. I have a small shop on a one acre lot with no zoneing. If the right project comes along I could put up a large pole barn with lockable storage. I may be looking for shop or work space in the Port Lavaca or Palacios area. I worked in the Galveston Bay area for 14 years prior to Hurricane Ike. I had a well equipped shop there for the last 4 years. I specialized in marine electrical/mechanical services and have worked around a fair amount of wood boat restoration and repair as well as wood epoxy and composite materials.
    Please feel free to call if anyone needs help in the mid Gulf coast area.

    ph. # 979/733-6503

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