Kevin On Powercat Helm Balance

I got these snippets from vastly experienced powercat driver Kevin to one of his sipmates.  Met one deadline and almost the other so I can do a bit here.
“Hope you’re not going to have to learn the hard lesson I learned about over balance. Remember how Holo helm was real heavy pulling out of a big high speed turn? We resolved it by removing most the balance. Regular steering improved too. Ran with only one rudder for a while too. Not much difference except at slow. This over balancing is also, I realized in retrospect, was what was messing with the dual rams that we had originally, and the electric assist that Steve installed, and Leila’s original set up too. No money blown there
Now a days I’m all about a wide quadrant or tiller arm and vectran or equivalent. No oil, very little metal, and very easy to spot issues. Hard or impossible to do on some boats, however.” Kevin Millett

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