Cargo 60 Catamaran

I worked on this cargo cat for the Caribbean over the winter.  It is designed to be rock bottom inexpensive to build.  It will be built using a developed plywood half hull mold.  Instead of core it will be solid skin with triaxial stringers.  Internals and connectives are epoxy/plywood. 

At first glance it may look similar to the powercat 89 but except for the reverse bows, nothing is similar.  Instead of flare it merely has a spray deflector.

I finally wanted to render it and Monday I will get back to plotting out everybodys plans.



4 thoughts on “Cargo 60 Catamaran”

  1. I would be interested in a 12 metre (40 foot) sailing version of these hulls for a skippered daycharters. Let me know if you plan to design something along these lines or if you have a similar existing design that is USCG approved for 20 passengers in open waters.

  2. Playing with fire!
    Intermodal rules do not apply for boat to boat container transfer. Intermodal=max weight around 20 short tones and even distribution for container boat to road or boat to rail.
    If some private idiot loads the container in a port and eventually gets transferred to your cat???? Uneven 50-70 short tones do happen (a few per thousand).

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