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  1. I had a chat to Mike about the work he did on Pipeline3 I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me sharing this here:

    Re the Lyman Morse boat, Pipeline3, formerly, Fa’amu Sami, built in 2001, 46′ x 44′, was purchased by me from The Block Island Maritime Funding Association where the former owner had donated the boat, for a terrific price, low down, and a five-year no interest loan (Traditional boat-building Maine is not the place to sell a racing trimaran). I had been looking for a boat like this for several years…46 x 44”; 72′ rotating CF wing mast off the deck; light (11,000 disp); full race tri that could be converted to a very fast “racer-cruiser”; clean down below, meaning not having to rip out someone else’s wood veneer or poorly done heavy interior; easily accessible rudder and centerboard, which could be readily hauled up out of the water for shallow water (or a beach landing); outboard engine for less (or no) drag and lighter weight and more space below; a light air performer, and, lastly, in this particular case, every piece of equipment above and below decks, was first class-top of the line, laid out exceptionally well, by the former owner, Dickie Saltonstall, a wealthy young east coast Harvard guy, who is a perfectionist, rigger as an avocation, and wanted to sail fast. His cousin, in marriage? I believe, is Cam Lewis, who helped Saltonstall lay out the boat (there are 32 lines leading into the cockpit for example) and equipment, and sailed with him when available. Basically, this is a 46′ Multi50, and was the boat for me.

    I added new reverse bows on the 46 (visible during the beginning on the You Tube launch. I’ll try to post images of the work done on my hulls, as it might help understand what happened to MJ during the TJV race.), new paint down below (after cleaning the boat for three weeks), new electronics, new Spectra 150 Water Maker, and small Dickinson propane heater and stove-top (I’m a Hawaii guy and get cold in any temp under 22c). With her carbon-weave, main, screacher, and jib, is a pretty boat to my eye, and I have added minimal weight. To my mind, almost the perfect racer/cruiser.

    1. cool. I remember when Salty visited the build at Maine Cat. He had to teach them to squeege the excess resin out of the laminate. Was about a year before infusion started to take hold as I recall.

  2. The new shape will not only give the vessel a longer waterline but a smoother ride. They replaced the crazed hatches with new Lewmar Lexan hatches. They also put in a new cooktop and a small heater to keep everyone cozy during the New England fall cruising season.

  3. Saw it for sale at Yachworld! Shame the new owner did not get to enjoy it! Wondering if the reverse bows made a difference. It has some new pictures on the listing but most is the cut and paste of the old ones.

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