DIY Plywood Bowtube

Most catamaran bowtubes are alum. or carbon mast sections. Some builders are getting shocking quotes to get these built, so they are considering ply/epoxy bow tubes.
I do urge using the best plywood and do not skimp on construction as this is a mission critical part of your cat.
One thing, ideally the tube end bolt would be not 90 degrees but parallel to the hull. I am assuming the hulls are rigid enough that the delta is not significant enough to upset that pin.

Corners are biaxial roving.  The red is biaxial bushing.  Blue is triaxial.  Yellow is the stainless.  There will be cross laminate to hold the triaxial onto to the box.




5 thoughts on “DIY Plywood Bowtube”

  1. So. If I built a ply version of t he bow tube could it be made compatible with the L bits that I have already glassed on? t he clearance is only an inch or so between the lL,s… The tube shown above looks like it would be too wide to fit, so the attachment would have to be different from the. Method shown above. How much would it cost for you to draw it? the ply and other materials cost are easy enough for me to guesstimate, I just need to know if it could be done and what your cost would be to draw me a picture. Thanks

  2. Are you selling drawings for the 36 beach at version?

    I have already glassed composite padeyes to the hulls to accept the stock aluminum beams chain plates.. Would that make a problem?

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