Venturi Vacuum Pumps

I got my venturi pump at Fiberlay. I understand that even though they sell them there, the pumps are not on their website nor in their catalog. They are not wildly net savvy there.
So the venturi pumps are called Vacuum Generators. Part number 1807003 at Fiberlay, listing for $110.50. They pull 27″ of mercury at 90 psi on your compressor. They only pull 2.2 CFM so the vacuum bag has to be good. No moving parts. I’m a big fan of mine. Call Fiberlay at 1-800-942-0660 or find email at


One thought on “Venturi Vacuum Pumps”

  1. Happy new year, Kurt
    Mine is 20 years old and still going strong. I like to set up the vacuum plumbing with a shop vac Tee’d into it behind a ball valve shut off. Then you can use the high volume/low pressure vac to rapidly evacuate a large bag and finish with the low volume/high pressure venturi. If you happen to develop a leak you can’t control sometimes having the vac available as an instant back-up can save the part.

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