Fiberglass for Sale

For any of my builders.

“I have a pretty good supply 16 rolls (see images attached) of Vectorply uni e-glass that I’d like to sell to a builder at a really good price if you know of anyone who could use the product. It’s 9 oz. glass in rolls that are about 15″ wide. It has a polyester veil and is made, primarily, for infusion work, as far as I can tell.

I have no idea as to pricing for the stuff, but I’m in a discounting mood so that it can be used by someone who really needs the stuff.”

Let me know if interested and I will connect you.



2 thoughts on “Fiberglass for Sale”

  1. Kurt all their warp uni comes with a veil, I have used it, no problem with hand layup. I could use some but have to ship across border ?? Would it be of any use in that mast design I am going to get from you ?

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