I just got some samples of the flamestop intumescent paint. http://www.flamestop.com/documents/Flame-Stop-IM.pdf

I want to be able to try painting it on a part and then covering that with the 2 part poly final paint.   This will be far better than applying toxic phenolic onto the inside surface, wearing a moon suit.   Or mixing toxic bromine in with the epoxy.

I will report on the results.  It looks like a great way to get code or rule compliance in galleys or engine rooms.

3 thoughts on “Flamestop”

  1. Kurt,

    It’s been a while but I *think* intumescent paint has never been accepted by Canadian Coast Guard or any of the Class Societies as equivalent to structural fire protection insulation. But maybe some of their thinking has changed or it’s gotten approvals.

    I don’t think you could cover it with a final paint coating in any event. Wouldn’t allow the intumescent paint to properly foam woutd it?

    You might have to do a very expensive burn test of a structure to prove it. This page might prove useful.


    I think it’s for SOLAS vessels, not Subchapter T boats however.

    1. Thanks.
      I have had epoxy approved by USCG for so long that I have not looked farther, until doing the lunar lander where the building codes apply. It does give an E-84 30 minutes so that should mean something to codes.
      Indeed I will test that with the finish paint over it. Acutally I am only worried about codes on this not real world. Will never have any ignition source anywat.

  2. great site, flameretardants check that there aren’t bromides in it, bad for waterlife – best to get the MSDS adn verify.

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