Sarabi Mast Update

Mast guru Ted van Dusen might be building the new mast for Sarabi. The reports we get are that the mast thickness at the upper bearing is between 1/2″ and 3/4″. Is odd that it varies that much. Just mic it and be sure?
Ted ran a FEA on it and came up with more like 1-1/2″ wall thickness required.  I may need to note that I did not design the mast for Sarabi, nor did Forespar.  It was all done at Aero.
That tracks with my work on Alex’s mast where first principles gave one wall thickness and the FEA required almost double that.


2 thoughts on “Sarabi Mast Update”

  1. Hi Kurt – Wjat Rm do you use to design the free standing mast? At hull lift? 70% hull lift? or 1.5 hull lift? This will play a role in the mast thickness. Peter

    1. 100% times a safety factor. Usually 4 to 6 for mission critical parts.
      Maybe I forgot to note that I did not design the Sarabi Aero, nor did Forespar. Was all Aero.

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