Flowcoating Update

I’m now a big fan of thinning flow coating epoxy with 20% lacquer thinner to get a very even coat on flat surfaces.  Its almost as good as laminating against a mold.  The lunar lander composite front door below.


5 thoughts on “Flowcoating Update”

  1. Interesting technique, Michael. I’ll give it a try.

    I’ve found that the secret of avoiding air bubbles (especially over raw wood) is to never try to flow coat during rising shop temperature. Doesn’t matter what the moisture meter says, the rising temperature will still push bubbles out into the vapor barrier formed by the epoxy.

    I use a notched spreader made from a plastic bondo spreader. 1/8 x 1/8 notches and teeth cut on the band saw seems about right. Then very slowly go over the surface with a wet foam roller. Flows out to a mirror surface.

  2. Try this. Spread out the epoxy as even as you can and then just lightly mist the surface with denatured alcohol from a HVLP spray gun. Pops all the air bubbles and breaks the surface tension. Flashes off as well.

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