7 thoughts on “More 40′ Tri”

  1. If you plan a tropical route give me a hauler. I will pay my own plane tickets and modestly contribute to the expenses (bring my own food as the CG will not allow more).

  2. – 22 cu. ft at 1/2″ thickness, probably finished at around 7/16″ after sanding. Weight difference can vary say 3-4 lbs heavier than cedar, so approx. 80lbs on my hull. White Spruce is used in construction in BC and has longer span ratings for beams and joists than Douglas Fir, so 80lbs more weight but a huge gain in strength and stiffness.

  3. It is KD white spruce, a lot stronger than cedar, only 3 lbs/cu ft heaviour and at least 5-6 times cheaper than KD western red cedar

  4. Thanks Owen, hopefully I will get to sail it as well as build it, not getting any younger, but on the other I could always get a chauffer !! Need to get that blog going, cant expect our friend Kurt to post all my pics, cant wear out my welcome, I will still need his much appreciated advice as I move along.

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