Foil Cats

I realize that most people think that foil bourne catamarans were invented last year. Readers here recall seeing my earlier post of Howard Apollonio’s foiling cat from the 60’s.
And I sailed with Sam Bradfield on his foilers in the early 90s.

Some 8 years ago I was comissioned to design this foiling cat. The hull step was a harder 3D modeling project than I expected. It never got funded. Point is they were not invented last year.


2 thoughts on “Foil Cats”

  1. Interesting, Kurt I know I have drawings to do a 40 tri, but I am still torn between that and your 38 composite cat but with bigger hulls, say the 36 stretched, a larger pod, but also with a bi-plane rig for ease of handling for this old guy

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