Glowing Switches

This is why I went to the IBEX this year. Glowing light switches. UL listed. All are 12 volt, but with LED lights that should be fine.  Am sure it would really add to the boat experience at night, and be safer.  I will  have to find the brand and link and will post  here.


One thought on “Glowing Switches”

  1. The LED switches have been around for 25 years. I used massive quantities (thousands) and I might have some at home. EAO were some of the cheapest and are 24V ($15-20 each in hundreds quantity). They did make it in 12V but I did not have experience with those.
    In caustic washdown situations (most food processors do it twice a day at least) I would not recommend it. Any other extreme situations such as steel mills, outdoors in coal dust etc stay with the “tank built”.
    In my professional opinion the robustness of the contacts (resistance to vibration and corossion) and the mechanical actuator are the important factors.

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