Ocean Navigator Returns Again

So who is this guy?  And if he has had a naval architect or P.E. sign off on it, I would apologise for questioning its safety and wish him well.


But I got this under the title of  “I wasn’t kidding”

“Expect legal correspondence shortly.

You do not have permission to publicly display my boat, make private correspondence public or  defame me or my asset.

Fuck you, Kurt

Enjoy.  Hope the legal side bankrupts you, asshole.”

Still no name.  And maybe a couple of “nor” instead of “or” are called for?

17 thoughts on “Ocean Navigator Returns Again”

  1. This boat is currently on a mooring in St Augustine. Was built in Green Cove springs. Hulls are very fair considering how the glass work was done. I saw the boat several times during build and talked with the owner a few times. Also know the yard manager very well. My understanding is he had many financial issues getting completed so doubt he’ll be spending much on lawyers. Has no front beam or netting. Likely copying the gunboat sprit beam at some stage. At one point he was advertising for helpers with gunboat pics claiming you’d be building the latest in hi tech catamarans. The windows did look sorta temporary. He had planned to launch around 2 years ago and motor to new Hampshire.

  2. You want to play hardball? Two can play at this game. Wait until you see the site I make that will appear at the top of the search engine rankings when looking up you, your designs and your business.

  3. One more thing, Kurt. I have begun the process. I highly suggest you think clearly and remove this professional libel from your site. This was the last warning. I am funded and will not back down until this is gone or you go bankrupt in the process.

  4. Love how Kurt leaves out half my message. This is not a Kurt Hughes. I used his shitty, incomplete plans to obtain proper connectives and hull skins. Nothing about this is a dated, ugly, undesirable Kurt Hughes shitbox.

  5. I have been studying and building boats for more years than I care to admit to. It has been a lifelong obsession and a career. To this day I am still baffled by the willingness of those with almost no experience to assert that they know more about the construction of a safe seaworthy vessel than a guy that has been thinking about it and studying it for half a century.
    I love flying. On a scale of studious, skilled, handy, I am right up there at the top. Still I would NEVER EVER presume to tell an aircraft designer/builder/mechanic ANYTHING about how to build an aircraft for me.
    Why are so many willing to think that this understanding of all things maritime was born in their blood. Why are they so defensive about it. Hell they wouldn’t even talk to their lawn mower repairman that way? WTF?

  6. Guys, I am the one that took the photos. The builder (I don’t know his real name) posted a thread on boatdesign.net advertising a “splash party”, down below Jacksonville Fla. I am in St Simons Island (nearby) so i went. I had never met the builder before, but had corresponded with him through the years on boat design.net–we had Kurt Hughes cat designs in common- I was building the 36 daycharter., and was keenly interested in some of the details of his project. I was there for maybe an hour. It was a small affair. He was cordial in person, and we shared several laughs about the ups and downs of boatbuilding. He was complimentary of Kurt Hughes , and so was I. I have posted dozens of photos on Boatdesign.net., on various aspects of building KH boats. I asked his permission to post some pics of his project and he said “fine, just not the name of the boat and not my face”, on the internet.,I assured him that i would abide by his request, and I have kept my word.

    Now I am baffled and saddened by this latest twist. Episodes like this one can only act as a deterrent and discouragement to
    professional designers who really care about the integrity of their products. Really, why even bother if people are going to “go postal” and start with the lawyer talk? . This builder has a record of mercurial temperament..
    He has been booted off boat design forum before, but always crept back under a different name. I expect he will turn up again somewhere online. I hope that his project turns out OK, for the sake of the designer , and I hope that he finds some comfort as well. Jeeze.

  7. No the boat in question I think was build in Florida. The builder Sully had a forum that he shut down. The builder in Eastern Canada is defiantly a differn’t build and builder. Sorry for any confusion. “Ocean Navigator” the one treating Kurt used similar treats on MH4US a multihull forum.

  8. While I do know that sealing the hull is paramount (storm hatches and cockpit door) I’m somewhat loose on cockpit windows.
    I experienced from roll-up with zippers to anodized aluminum with tempered glass to steel with tempered glass in heavy seas. All of them hold well if your deck is clear and you do not have a rig failure.
    A flimsy window structures can lead to problems but most likely the dude is reasonably safe.

  9. On multihulls4us.com from 2010 Sully (Sean Sullivan) wrote
    BD clearance is over 3′ unless you are really loaded down. At maximum payload plus boat weight (20,000 lbs total) it goes to 2’11”. The boat itself weighs 12,000 lbs. She’s got some load carrying ability because she’s designed for extended cruising and/or term charters.

    Interior shots don’t exist because it’s a custom boat. Every interior is different. You build it however you want it.

    My personal model is being built with a forward cockpit (a la Chris White and Gunboat) and it has a completely different interior since I do term charters. It will also have a hard bimini coming straight back at existing deckhouse roof level. Inside, one of the major changes is I’m arranged all berths to be accessible without climbing over your bunk mate. There will also be a different, more rounded window scheme and of course, a good paint job… the yellow one below is so-so. Oh yeah… also the bows will be fully plumb in mine.

  10. Eastern Canada?What a shame that a tempermental Canuck would be the one threatening and over sensitive.Can not under stand how a builder has not got thicker skin ,enough to take some critism and questioning.Eastern Canada ,hmmm…..?
    Some people just take everything personal like a boat is a masterpiece of art when it is just another multihullHave fun sail the Cat and change the windows and stop the rhetoric BS!!

  11. Unless specifically requested, no pics or corresondence is private and as the designer, Kurt has the right to comment on any corruption of his designs. In fact he would have the option of sueing the builder, if his professional name was used along side any corrupted design. This guy is full of too much ego, there has been absolutely no defamation only appropriate observations. Instead of threatening, he would garner more consideration, if he proved the faults are not there, as any competent lawyer would request.
    Kurt with winter coming, all this hot air will help heat your office !!!!

  12. Feel free to delete this if you wish. I post this only because you asked “who is this”. I would put money on that builder had plans for a CM 45 and had a hull fail in the beginning of the build. He changed to foam and epoxy, any question he had about the build he posted on his forum. I found it strange that he didn’t seem to want to ask you for input and instruction on your design. I even questioned the detail of your plans, but was reassured all info was on them by a builder in Eastern Canada that is building a stretched 45. If I am correct that orange boat is Sullies, and it was build off CM plans adapted by him for vacuum bag foam and epoxy.

  13. Wow…

    This guy is acting like a third grader that is going to take his bat and ball and go home because somebody hurt his feelings.

    He seriously needs to start acting like a adult instead of a child.

    Guess it takes all types.

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