6 thoughts on “Head for the 1%.”

  1. Is it lighter than a bucket and chuck it though? I’d tip a simple plastic bucket would weigh less and do the job on a boat that doesn’t require a plumbed in head. The mighty BPV trimaran doesn’t have a plumbed in head you just put a biodegradable bag in the head and throw it out the nearby hatch/window. For urine there is a simple funnel that leads into the daggerboard case.

  2. I have installed a number of these. They are intended for light weight carbon racing boats. They are worth every penny compared to building something as light and functional from scratch. In the world of racing where the cost to weight saving ratio is irrational, this is a pretty good buy.

  3. “Design and production have been exposed to the full rigours of modern thinking.”

    I kid you not— that is a direct quote from the sales brochure. There is no hope. Guess I’ll go watch the election circus which represents the sum total of modern rigorous thinking.

  4. Had to do it overboard for 6 weeks on a commercial fishing boat after CG ripped it out as not specked (3 days in 55 knots and 25 footers). You can’t beat that weigh!

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