I see the New Stiletto is Out

I see they went ahead and came up with one.  It could have been so much better.  I recall the design brief called for something besides cross tubes, but they did that anyway.  They sure should have looked into Rafi’s Cat2Fold system.

One of the biggest faults of the original I thought was that it had berths, one per side, that were some 13′ long and about 2′ wide, or close to that. That always seemed useless to me.  I offered them flared hulls with enough inside room to sleep two, the right way.  What I see is a wide transom that gets wider fast above the waterline.  That will promote pitching in waves.  Maybe it was not intended for waves.

I see it  has a prod to  hold up the bow net.  That is easier to break down, but once the mast is down,  you have nothing holding the lot up.

They did do a belly pan instead of tramp between the hulls.  I don’t see how they will origami it, if they will.  Again, Rafi worked out a way to fold those up, and in carbon, they’re not too heavy.

I thought mine looked friendlier also.  I don’t see any designer’s name mentioned in the advertising, so I’m guessing the whole call for designs thing was actually a call for ideas, like I suspected.  (Normally I can edit image size.  Word press changed without me knowing it and no longer will allow resizing photos.  I will have to look into that.)

the design they settled on
those look like cross tubes to me
I sent them this. Wide enough for two double berths, and real windows.

2 thoughts on “I see the New Stiletto is Out”

  1. Stiletto announced last week that they contracted Schickler Tagliapietra on the final design of the Stiletto X-Series high performance catamaran. I think it is a super sexy design – more about simple stable flight than beds and heads.

    1. looks pretty similar to what I did. is slightly hotter and less heads and beds like you say. if it aims for the M32 crowd, why not just buy an M32? I assumed it had to be able to be camped in. But what do I know?

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