Indonesian Plywood

Did I just step in it? I have been using this plywood both on boat projects and the lunar lander dwelling. Seal Brand.

The ferries for Uganda were also made from this brand as I was told. I looked it up and it turns out they might be one of the major bad actors in the Indonesian forest devastation. Does anyone know more about this brand?



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  1. I also get a little irked at the idea that if I make a power cat 20 years ago out of cast off doorskins from my KHSD tri, vac bagged into 6mm. Nurse the boat through 20 winters, and play and modify it into a cabin cruiser, a bass boat, a family party boat. never more than a 4 hp motor while people are blasting up and down my lake on cigarette boats, I should give a toss at where the ply I made it from came from. When otherwise it would have just gone into some cigarette boater’s McMansion floor 3 renos ago, currently in the dump. It is hard enough to find ply I can use at all, let alone worry about where it came from. My concern is where it is going to.

    Heck we could all be building classical guitars out of premium redwood, or strip planked multies if it hadn’t all been shipped overseas, or given a quick 15 year cycle in someone’s deck.

    Speaking of ply, are you guys getting the stuff that is now stiffer across the 90 axis. I have some in a catamaran house and a flats skiff, not sure I like it. But it keeps me moving.

  2. Unlikely! The Indonesian rainforest is older than the Amazon. The wood harvested from there is to valuable (usually hard and heavy) to be made plywood. I do have a 1k USD table (from 10 years ago) that I received as a gift that might have been a culprit.
    I’m not saying that plywood is harmless but in general boating is an unlikely reason that the forest is gone.

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