Navy Power Trimaran

Around 1990, some officers from Navsea, the navy’s research and acquisitions branch, visited my office to discuss a new power trimaran design. I showed them my Lightspeed 150 power tri design. It pretty much looked like this picture,  with a different cabin.  They were impressed with the possible efficiency.  And I learned that a tri can mask the boat’s thermal signature from Exocets.  They suggested that I go with them to a topless bar and discuss the project.  I had a very feminist office manager at that time.  She let them know what she thought of that.  I never heard from them again.   Until friend Chris forwarded this to me.


2 thoughts on “Navy Power Trimaran”

  1. Military is a different ball game. Besides the aproval of only well connected it does not have a standing with patents and copywrites. An aquintance had this problem when he tried to patent some thing-a-magicger for a printing press. It was claimed at the time that it is based on “secret military technology”. Hogwash!
    My guess is that it would have been early retirement for you. I would not regret it.

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