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John has set about it fairing his main hull to his 40′ tri.  Seems like a good choice many times to put in a little work to stave off ugly. Was just a few days ago he sent pics of it bare.  Beautiful.

2008-01-24 19.06.18

2008-01-24 19.05.19

7 thoughts on “John’s Main Hull More”

  1. Well keep up the good work John I know sharing my projects has helped keep me at them even if progress has been slow due to work commitments and a young family. I seem to be able to chip away at them bit by bit.

  2. No build blog been quietly puttering along on my own. But been thinking maybe I should, always good to share ideas. It has been 35 years since I built my last multi and I will be 70 when I launch this one.
    The net and Kurt have been great in bring me up to date.

  3. Jon,
    I have a lot of the boat built already, just decided to wait on the main hull for a proper build site due to its size ( 45′). The amas are foam sandwich, the crossbeams are fixed and built to eng. specs from our favourite magician Kurt. Blkheads are all built as well as center board and case and rudder and cassette, plus some main cabin roof sections. Hope to launch spring 2017. Hopefully build weight will be no more than 6000lbs with a displacement of 10500lbs, waterline to beam ratio of the hull is 10/1, so with a decent rig should be a quick cruiser. Kurt is also going to design for me composite chainplates and a ply/carbon wing mast, along with synthetic rigging.
    Thats the story for now.

  4. Look forward to watching it progress. With a wide flat stern, what is the weight/ displacement target. Will this have sliding tubes or fixed crossbeams. Jon

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