More Carbon Hull

I finally figured it out when I was looking at my Costco folding chair. It has the same pattern. Thats it. HH66 was built correctly and more robustly with e-glass and then they put the folding chair pattern over it. Fooled everybody.


One thought on “More Carbon Hull”

  1. Aaah yes – a veneer of CF for appearance sake, or even just a simple adhesive plastic sheet with a CF-like pattern printed on it. You’re right – it is one of the more stupid trends around. It has been common in the car and motorcycle space for a while. Want to make your car _look_ like it might go fast, or be light? Just slap some plastic film on that makes it look like CF. And maybe a fart-can exhaust.

    You’d think someone rich enough to afford a boat like that would have had some time to acquire a little taste, but then..

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