MACM and Famous Designers

Last week I came across a drawing of some hull laminate work by a famous designer. It was three kinds of stuff done wrong. I sometimes wonder how that is possible, then I remember one thing; MACM, (marine applications of composite materials) conferences. I still say the best that ever existed.  Unfortunately they are no longer held.  Sorry, but IBEX was not even close. And in the 10 or so that I went to over the years, the only famous designers I ever saw were the late Lindenburg, and Roger Hatfield. It seems that most famous designers prefer to go to conferences where they are praised and learn little. I prefer the ones where I am the dummy and I soak it in. It seems like the famous designers don’t feel the need to be the dummy and learn?

2 thoughts on “MACM and Famous Designers”

  1. It is serious work attending this conferences. You have to sort a lot of bull from the real things. The most frustrating thing is when you find somebody they lack consistency or adequate supply lines or they go out of business. I usually kept in touch only with people that I deemed knowledgeable and trustful. Most moved from outfit to outfit.

  2. Kurt you probably realize by now that shit disturber’s dont get a lot of appreciation, most people dont want to here the truth if it isnt nice and go with blind faith. It is the free thinkers who have advanced things in this world, the rest are sheep. I am also a shit disturber, always have been and proud of it.
    Welcome fellow shit disturber !!!!!!!

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