Mission Statement

Guys, make sure you believe and follow your mission statement before you build the hulls. Once again, the hulls were built before the mission statement was final. This 39′ power cat ferry is now required to have 36 seats and a perfectly flat floor. 3 years ago it was designed on almost no budget for far fewer passengers and no comment on the floor.  It needs 5′ more length to carry the weight.  Two studies on locating the cabin.MODEL7LONG2PSP2G


One thought on “Mission Statement”

  1. My guess is that the passenger transport industry is going down the tubes… Pretty soon you will get request for ferries that can pack passengers like sardines. 36 passengers is odd because to my knowledge the bus companies did not sell many shuttles for 36.
    I do like the lower (closer to the water) cabin with no step for exit plank.
    Make sure you give a safety maintenance schedule to this dudes because from the requests only money is the deciding factor.

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