More Coast Guard

Last November a very narrow charter cat rolled over from a wave in Florida. It looked like a powercat designed by guys who were chopper-gunning truck bed

covers just a few years ago. There was a fatality.
I supposed that it didn’t affect me since my boats were wide and safe.
I just spent several hours doing hydrostatic studies for the Coast Guard on one of my boats Trilogy Elua. The USCG required a study to be done at every 6″ of possible and impossible hull depths. Clearly they are flailing. None or the calcs revealed anything. They could have asked me or Roger (Hatfield) what to do. Instead, a blizzard of calculations, 95% having nothing to with the real world and stable catamarans. I have to figure out how to help them work smart.¬† See also:

The guy I usually deal with there is very very cranky this week.  There must be a lot of pressure.


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