Trikala 19 Trimaran Update

The Trikala

19 trimaran has been updated. The original design had a main hull and deck as 2 pieces. The update is a single piece, (well 2 halves) and looks more rounded. It also has X bows to increase speed in waves. I will be built in Asia.  It can be made ready to trailer in a few minutes.  It can stay on the water in the “in position” indefinitely.  I’m sure it will cost less than the same size folder.


10 thoughts on “Trikala 19 Trimaran Update”

  1. Dear Mr Kurt,
    I am a professional sailboat builder,I’d like to build updated Trikala 19 ,can you supply plans and let me know authoright payment for each succeeding product built by me .
    Best regards,
    Tran Trung Nghia

    1. Hi Tran,

      I’m happy to work with you on that. Depends on how much involvement is needed from me. typically around 1% of invoice price.

  2. Dear Mr Kirt,
    Can I buy updated Tricala plans? I am a professional boatbuilder specialized in FRP boats. Can you let me know your authoright payment for each succeeding product built buy my company.
    Best regards,
    Tran Trung Nghia

  3. Hi Kurt,
    Did the modernised Trikala come into production in Asia, as you five years ago published it would? If so, please enlighten me as to where I can get in touch with them, learn more about how and where they build it, if they have a distributor in Europe, and perhaps get a price offer.

    You may remember that we had some communication about i.a. the old Trikala 12 years ago or so. However, I got busy with other business, and my boat building plans were put aside. Now things have happened and my old plans threaten to surface again, and the Trikala still appears to be very close to my demands. But I might have some demands that will require some modifications
    Arnt in Norway

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