More Magical Aft Beams

Another new example of the aft beam that disappeared. The Mcconaghy 49.  There is a kind of fence there, but between the fact that there appears to be no shear transfer between it and the hulls, and its complex shape, I’m sure it has no structural use. The aft connective has to be tucked into the bridgedeck. Again, when you reduce beam height, the strength and stiffness goes away exponentially. Magical must mean much heavier.  With enough carbon and enough money, you can do almost anything magical.  I prefer efficient engineering to magical.  Will also be tough to drag a crashed board up with a halyard at that angle.

magical iso view c blackgold no strip

2 thoughts on “More Magical Aft Beams”

  1. Vinylester resin I believe.

    What do you think is the ex factory price complete build price tag.

    They built about 1000 boats so I wonder how many have been destroyed by now.

    Look forward to your estimate.


  2. Yea, that big full height rear crossbeam you put on the Sunchaser 58 design was a deal killer. Everybody knows that people wealthy enough to buy a 58 foot production catamaran don’t step over obstacles, they destroy them. And it would get in the way of that nice drinking table cantilevered out back. Traveler? Looks like those two posts that support it need to be built of unobtanium as well or they will bend like a palm tree in a hurricane.

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