Out S12 Through O4

It turns out that I will be out of country September 12 through October 4. I will have laptop with me and a chance to catch up on design, drafting and modeling. With no phones and no email.
I will try to get everyone caught up before I go, or take it with me.

I did get a week behind last one.  A tiny job took all week as Microstation i now fails to do any trims and tech does not know why.  The workarounds to customer ended up taking all week.  Microstation seems to have no sense of urgency at all.

3 thoughts on “Out S12 Through O4”

  1. Just be aware Draftsight is all any yacht designer would ever use but it handles completely differently than AutoCad and its clones. Not difficult, just different.

  2. Really dude…you’ve simply got to take the pain and get away from Microstation. They have been a PITA for way too many years now. The world of racing yachts works in Rhino and Solidworks. You could probably play out your entire design process in Rhino and convert to 2D with DraftSight (free). Support is way better.

    1. probably right. I did have nurb trim test for solidworks a couple of years ago and they could not do it. I do have Rhino and just need to get the week of making it reflexive. Draft sight would be good.

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