Muffalo Racing

saw a note from Simmo, “DALLORSO CUP 2012: Muffolo speed steady 16 knots after gennaker hoist..with frequents nose divings…shame the videocamera battery didn’t last until the upwind run at 13 knots with flying mainhull that caused frequent yaws ‘ca

use of rudderblade wasn’t in the water anymore…it’s been a superfun experience..and even if we had a 15 minutes handicap at start we almost beat a 67 footer carbon monohull!!! yo MUFFOLO!!!
Multi class result: made first of 3,second one was a corsair dash 750 that arrived 39 minutes later, and the third (dragonfly 800) arrived only 4 hours and half later considering that he broke the mainsail and the gennaker arriving then only by jib!!! BIG UP FOR MIMMO!!”

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