The Next Couple of Weeks

Its going to kind of be triage here for a few weeks. I have about a week of epoxyable weather to fabricate the Lunar Lander parts. They all become so big so fast that they are all outdoors. I know I tell builders not to do that, but there it is.

st week of October I will be at IBEX catching up with builders and vendors. About mid month the curtain of cold rain hits and stays until April. So I will be mixing epoxy as much as I can until then. When the rains hit I can finish everbody’s design projects.

2 thoughts on “The Next Couple of Weeks”

  1. 2 questions… while I am STILL looking for a place to build…

    1. Is there a good way to estimate cost-to-build?

    2. Mast-raising for the small cruising tris… 24 composite or 26 rapid construction… Are these about like beach cats in terms of stepping and unstepping? (some of my cruising grounds would make it nice to be able to lower the mast for a few bridges – the long way around is VERY long in a few cases.)

    1. Pretty easy to get a shell materials cost using weight times price per pound of the basics. With the materials spreadsheet, that can be sharpened a lot. Overall cost depends so much on many decisions you make along the line. The level of finish and how you choose to get there matters most of all. For instance, flow-coating epoxy is an easy way to get a flat area smooth. But it takes a lot of epoxy. The other things past the shell can be bought retail or scrounged online so the price varies so much.

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