My 21′ Powercat Gets Popular

A couple of tiny powercats have just been invented that mimic my 21′ powercat designed long ago. Get it here way first.  And mine would be far faster to build in developed plywood.  All it needs is a roof and kyaks.  Oh wait, my 21 operating in Alaska already sent pics with both on it. 

Again, these finds and many more thanks to Owen.



From Wooden Boat, “the 22′ kayak-carrying power catamaran SEAHORSE is the latest SKETCHBOOK concept design developed by Laurie McGowan and Michael Schacht.”




2 thoughts on “My 21′ Powercat Gets Popular”

  1. I wouldn’t worry, Schacht comes from the Chris Ostlind school of boat design where a render constitutes a design.
    Otherwise known as vapourware.

  2. Interesting how things come around. I wondered how long it would take for comments. Now what would be nice is a 30ft trailer-able cruising cat.

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