New Dive Catamaran

Am doing this very simple 40’+ dive catamaran. Mostly flat panel construction, except the bilge. Probably no core on hulls, with stringers instead.  As simple and cost effective as possible.  And an exploded view of the flat panels.



4 thoughts on “New Dive Catamaran”

  1. This method looks like it would work well for a design like the 37′ or the 40′ bridgedeck cat to speed up the process and reduce the amount of fairing. Is there a plan/ detail to reduce fairing at the joints like a “drywall” taper?

  2. A good ramp or plank for loading and unloading the air is a must. My opinion is that the cabin has to be larger with an option for a roof deck with lifelines and a short utility mast. Most likely the posting is about the amas and I’m blabing my mouth for nothing.

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