R2AK Again

I keep hearing R2AK talk again.  Probably if you not already into it, it’s too late to start building. 

I am impressed with how many weird, pointless efforts I am seeing.  Nobody learned any lessons from last year?  After a bit of Juan de Fuca, it is mostly threading through the islands.  Shifty wind, kelp beds,  crazy tides, short tacking.  Then a last blast to the finish. 

Assuming the islands are most of the trip,  that says at least a 25 to 30 foot trimaran, with kick-up rudders, and oars in case.  And enough accomodation to last the several days out.  Maybe a bit more rocker in the main hull to help short tacking, and big amas in case there is a bit of wind from a good direction outside.  In the islands a taller rig always helps.

It doesn’t require a weird 60s  AYRS creature.  a trimaran with the above will win.


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  1. I’m interested in multihull rowboat.sailboats. Leads on existing boats, designs, prokects in process, etc.

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