New 32 Tri Build in N. Calif.

This new 32 is being built by longtime PNW cat sailor Leo Fogg and his crew. Looks like it has a bit of reverse bow. It’s new amas got very reverse bows. Leo is shopping for foils for it.


6 thoughts on “New 32 Tri Build in N. Calif.”

  1. Why not post the link here.

    The design is going to slam and pound a lot with those square sharp hull flat areas, those are more pronounced than a chine, especial the bow forward section from mast when sailing at speeds more than 12 mph on choppy seas, and sea wave heights waters going to windward and running [ non foiling conditions ]. The forward berths will be unsleepable. I know sailed on a Chris white tri with a chine. at 16 mph plus, got vibrated from the berth to the floor. If the toilet is also located at the bow section like most designs forward from the mast it also will be unusable during the stated conditions and the noise will be horrendous. Not good if you have false teeth.

    OC .

  2. I thought foils are a process of trial and error that only well endowed owners can afford. I imagine that the KISS rule was broken.

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