New Dragonfly Amas

These are my new Dragonfly amas. I’m not working with the company; its just that I have been doing then since I had Magic Hemple and people keep wanting them. Longer than stock and more displacement.

Foam/glass.  Vertical transom for ama rudders.  These are going to Bellingham, WA.


8 thoughts on “New Dragonfly Amas”

  1. Do you sell plans? or read to fit amas? Does the design include akas and details about the joints to the DF center hull? How much do they cost?

    1. 25 models with tube and wire connectives. not sure if would work with swing or not. easy to revise parametrics for different models.

  2. There is a long precedent list of companies ripping of custom alteration for their products. The most famous is Mitsubishi forklifts. 150 custom alterations done by a dealer were copied by Mitsubishi without any compensation. The US court rulled that Mitsubishi is entitled to rip them off even when pattents belonged to other people.
    Hope you don’t mind if Dragonfly does it too.

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