New Stiletto Catamaran

I was approached, along with the rock stars, I was told, to propose a design for the new Stiletto 10 meter catamaran. A kind of cruiser/racer with the iconic canopy as a kind of trademark. Said he had been in the Gunboat and J boat projects. The design brief was a bit unusual. It needed quick set up but must have no crossarms. The cockpit must be the crossarm. I did not know how that would work forward. I proposed Rafi’s fold system. Developer was not impressed I guess.   I put standard tubes on it for now.
The rest of the design brief was to be like an M32 with a minimal interior. Begs question why not just have an M32 if there will be no interior? My flared hulls would allow a pair of doubles and keep a skinny waterplane for speed.  I know nothing about marketing, but am sure it has always been true that if the toys are not shared, many of us would not have the toys.
It could have been simply trolling for ideas. I have had that happen several times before.

So I did a couple of quick models.  M10 is pretty straightforward.  M11 is very wild with defined edge lines.


and the wild one


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  1. I have been following the developments of the Stiletto I think they are going to be off mark IMO. I think what is missing in the Catamaran market is not another fast racer/”cruiser” I put Cruiser in parenthesis because what they call accommodations is actually a shelf to store sails. Unlike the GBE where you at least get a minimal Kitchenette, actual head and Two real double births and real single births in the forepeaks. You could really do some coastal cruising. As well its a cat you can find under 75k. The new Stiletto will be 89k min. Unfortunately the GBE, molds etc were burned in a fire in 2007 and the company never got off the ground again. If someone came out with a cat for under 100k with the above mentioned it would be a huge success. Not knocking the Stiletto its going to be a hydrofoiling machine but not what the average joe is looking for. Sure Id love to hydrofoil but the wife and kids certainly aren’t coming aboard.

  2. Because it will not be a home built or a cruiser design but a combined racer cruiser design concept which is not available at present by all multihull designers [ think about that statement ] with my additional innovative commercial sensitive other practical design concepts, learnt from long international waters racing, protesting live aboard confined conditions, cruising international waters all sea conditions and congested local territorial waters [visibility is prime importance day and night ]. additionally since disclosing my drawings, funding commitment interest has considerably taken a new fast track angles / curves.


    Concepts © 2014 ocean cruiser.

  3. I have used my own drawings and concepts I had previously drawn with additions not previously mentioned. Hinged T foiling alleviation flap rudders , retractable emergency steering. hydraulic boom vang, boom cradle, double mast main tracks with separate storm sail track on rotating wing mast to be sheeted separate from main sail boom with winch, five escape hatches and solar panel platforms with crew berths on deck, men’s French style urinal cockpit area with separate wet weather clothing locker, large cockpit drains for all angles drainage, push pits on main cabin coach roof corners, 98 ft mast height from the waterline plus all the above on course. Not as good as and professional looking but good enough .
    Concepts © 2014 oceancruiser.

  4. What the price.

    I note E-mail study plans are $50 so CAD for above should be about the same as you probably have a minimum charge.

    Image your 79 footer stretched to a 84 footer racer / cruiser version with wider beam 78ft beam or more CAD for presentation marketing purposes with dual helms on the aft crossbeams projecting forward and similar to the full curved stained coach roof across your Stiletto design { Like the Stiletto CAT ]with roof over hangs aft with a roof hatch and side opening port windows both sides plus cock pit with a coach roof extending as far aft as possible with three opening hatches forward section [ beam wise ] placement starting from the double hatches aft [ cockpit coach roof ] that are presently shown, considerably more curved mainsail track, wing rotating mast, with 3 furling forestays, retractable bow spit with furling forestay,bow pulpit and mast pulpits guards either side mast, T foil rudders transom mounted and hinged design, on the floats and main hull at raised position L foils on the floats at the position you think they should be positioned between the crossbeams.with DSS retractable foils, mainhull placed between the first and second inner forestays, escape hatch forward section main hull about the second forestay position for the CAD purposes, to meet ISAF new safety regs ocean racing.

    © 2014

  5. Image your 79 footer stretched to a 84 footer racer / cruiser version CAD for presentation marketing purposes with dual helms and similar full coach roof across your design cock pit with 3 furling forestays, bow spit, bow and mast pulpits. Same rudders design stern mounted and hinged design, on the floats at raised position for the CAD purposes to meet ISAF new safety regs.

  6. Image your 79 footer stretched to a 84 footer a CAD for presentation marketing purposes with dual helms and similar full coach roof across your design cock pit with 3 furling forestays, bow spit, bow and mast pulpits. Same rudders design stern mounted and hinge able, on the floats at raised position for the CAD purposes to meet ISAF new safety regs.

  7. So the request was not by written request other you would have the details on file. Also stating no payment would be forth coming for your particular time spent doing the CADS.

    Interesting that you say it is easy for you to do CADS for a particular design request with alterations or a new Racer / Cruiser design with no budget.

    No wonder he paid nothing he was looking for a mono hull design with a swing keel and thought when he saw the result. Well no comment.

    Are you saying you know my friends better than I do when you have not meet them?

    That”s strange.



  8. I know 22 people that I have talked to who rejected the design because it as they said “: this design by this dude does not have boards or rotating wing mast”.

    A pity I guess.

    For interest what was the budget?

    1. first I heard that. I assumed all knew it was a given on any tiny performance boat. all my boats have boards. Easy to add both those. Again their budget was zero. They paid nothing.

    2. Wait, I remember now that he specifically said no dagger boards. It had to be some kind of swing keel or swing board so nobody had to touch anything. OC your 22 friends were pulling you.

  9. Didn’t read re the trailerable bit you must have forgot that bit with your post.

    I notice that it does not have dagger boards or assist lifting foils. I guess there would be enormous sideway drift. How does the design prevent that. Ventilation on a hot tropical monsoon rainy period when all hatches can’t be open when at anchor or is it you don’t anchor.. How does that work.

  10. What not funded !

    Can a crew member or 2 walk on the UV tinted companion way covered roof tops and would they be scratch proof. Probably got rejected because it did not have a rotating wing mast modern rig is my guess. Looks great except for the dated rig configuration which spoils all your CD CADS presentations.

    Are you sure that you are not trolling.


    1. you forgot it has to be trailerable. wing has to carbon and am sure carbon wing was not in budget. always rotating anyway. rotating extrusion.

  11. Being a former Stiletto 23 owner and a fan, I like the proposal and the interior space of the Stiletto is more like camping anyway. I would rather build one of yours, ‘though. I am about half finished a 14’ 8″ Ross Lillestone skiff for rowing and sailing, my re-entry into building again. If I can I will consult with you this summer in Seattle if we are both there at the same time.

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