Printing Patterns

When I send out full size patterns, I use this Canon unit.  I don’t give it much thought but it got some interest on Face.   Back in the HP days color printing was so much slower that it was not a reasonable option.  This unit has changed all that and I am gradually changing all the full size plots into color.  That is work as some colors don’t show well in color and must be changed.  Also the layouts change as the parts can be closer together in color.  I just sent a lot out that I did not compact and it came to over 30 meters of full size plots.

Old tech was to plot originals and make copies to post.  2 years ago I got this to do just in time printing with no originals. By now it has moved to largely e-files. So it’s already archaic oddly enough.  It will do a 100″ plot in about 30 or 40 seconds.


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