Odd Place In Email World

I now have a wonderfully fast Win 10 laptop with office 16 on it. That started some 3 weeks ago or so. The old computer probably has virus, even though I paid to prevent that, and CPU slams up to 100% as soon as it starts, and stays there forever. I keep it offline now, just to pull files off of. Eset is not interested anymore in virus killing on it.
To reply to emails, I have the new one open, while I look at email addresses to reply to on the old one. Diabolical.
I did back up the email folder, but worry it would muck up the new email if I try to load it.
Short answer, if you sent me something and didn’t get reply, please hit me again.

One thought on “Odd Place In Email World”

  1. At the risk of being captain obvious, it maybe time to put the drafting/product development on sneaker net to protect yourself. The anti hacking (read anti theft) support just isn’t there for older equipement.


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