Composite Chainplate Illustrated

Some great guy on Face posted this few section cuts of a real live composite chainplate. I teased him that I could never afford to do this kind of surgery for illustration. I forget his name, but it was over a month ago and I have been awash in memory scrubbing anesthetics in the last week…
I’m happy to include if someone chimes in.

What great visuals of what a proper composite chain plate should be like.

5 thoughts on “Composite Chainplate Illustrated”

  1. I’m building an Easy Sarah catamaran And I’m wondering if there if a designer out there that would be interested in helping me with design engineering of composite chainplats for my boat?
    Email me at
    I’d love to share the pics when done!!
    Cheers, Dean

    1. Dean, I still can in a couple of weeks if still interested. When files opened in newer program version the hatching patterns disappeared. They are critical to show fiber orientation. So they have to be rebuilt for this size boat.

  2. I do see some minor issues and one potential eventual failure mode between the core segment and backside of the tube and middle secion where there is a directional change. Id be curious to the loads from the FEA.

  3. I have read about this and it will be the new standard removing a week link in rigging, I would love to get instructions on how to do it for my boat.

  4. Builder is ITA Catamarans with designer Yacht Design Collective and FEA by Rivoyre Engineering !
    A beautiful piece indeed.

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