Richard Spindler speaking tomorrow at Boat Show

My friend and long time customer Richard Spindler, formerly editor of Latitude 38 mgazine, will be speaking tomorrow, Sunday the 28th at the Seattle Boat Show. 4 PM, I assume down near the stadium. I will try to make it, but am still recovering. Topic will be cruising Mexico/HaHa.

Richard built his catamaran that I designed for him, in the early 90s and has sailed it for tens or hundreds of thousands of miles since.  T They don’t make any better clients.  See

One thought on “Richard Spindler speaking tomorrow at Boat Show”

  1. Is cable connected steering dead?

    I’m ask as running rudders on my kb36 is a real issue with folding. I’m thinking if I run the cables around the rotation points I can get something that maintains rudders while unfolded, folding, and folded.

    I haven’t had my rudder up underway that I can remember in 30 years of sailing an F27. I’m thinking a kick up rudder is a breaker switch. I’m worried about realigning the rudders after I put them down. Maybe as simple as 1 side (say port) connects to that rudder and the other rudder connects to that exit. Or am I just overthinking this?

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