Sorry guys. I’ve been in the hospital from Thursday until late Saturday. Am hobbling around like an old coot now.
Wednesday night I had a very good workout at the gym.
Midafternoon Thursday I was suddenly vomiting and had probably worst stomach pain that I have ever had.
Went to ER. 3 days in hospital found nothing. Only theory was drug interaction between warfarin and the rare time that I took Advil.
Point is I’m still not even 50% back. trying to. This is why some projects might feel neglected. Soon as I can.

5 thoughts on “Suffering”

  1. Getting old is challenging. I’m 67 now. Weird. Picked up a cold while traveling to a family funeral. Cold became bronchitis. Two trips to clinics. Thank God for steroids in injectable, tablet, and vaporized forms! Middle of last night I started thinking I might just have my first attack of Old Man Pneumonia. Geez.

  2. My wife started vomiting violently and had horrible stomach pain too. She did not take the meds you did. I took her to ER after 7.5 hours of this stuff. Tested for every thing. Nothing showed up. After 2 bags of IV fluids and injection to stop nausiating and vomiting, we went home after 4 hours at ER. She could not even keep water down after 30 seconds. Dr said it was Viro (flu) that is going around in the U.S. uncheck. This year’s flu vaccine not effective against this stuff. It took 2 days in bed before she was strong enough to get out of bed. Take care.

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