PostApocalyptic Boat Building Update

I am working on an update to my article first published Spring of ’09? First, I can’t believe there is still a recession. I will be adding a few new cores and links.
The best part about it was I got a call from Meade Gougeon in the summer of ’09 about the article. He thought is was the best thing he had read in years and it motivated him to get back into the building part again, as he told me. We talked at length about it at IBEX in ’09.
Back in ’08 I submitted the article to Professional Boatbuilder. They told me that they were not interested in it.  It seems that they don’t count owner-builders in their readers. I’m guessing I have close to 2000 builders over the years. I’m also guessing almost all of them read Pro Boat. Thats not nothing.
I imagine my comparing product brands was the problem. I should have known that.  The advertisers would not like it.
The odd thing was that Pro Boat published a fine exortation to boatbuilders by Bob Lacovara in Feb/Mar 2010 called…PostApocalyptic Boat Building.  They had my article there for months before that. How did that work? Oh well. Kind of low though.

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