Rowing Record

I just learned that two teams, each with a KHSD hull design, have set out to break the rowing record across the Atlantic. One is a catamaran and the other is a trimaran but both use the KHSD Formula 40 catamaran hull design. They are Team Hallin and Big Blue Team Hallin left Tenerife on Jan. 6th and is reported on track to set a new record. Blue left on Jan. 11.

team Hallin

2 thoughts on “Rowing Record”

  1. The trimaran Team Hallin I designed whilst employed by ROC Expedition of New York which broke the ocean rowing world record record in 2011 had nothing wahtsoever to do with Kurt Hughes. This was entirely my design “every inch”.
    Big Blue did use his Formula 40 hull shape.

    1. Roy did buy plans for the same KHSD Formula 40 cat hull, as Bib Blue. And I Fedexed full size patterns to him. And it sure looks like an F40 main hull now. Of course Roy has done many more fast 40 foot designs than I, so he would know how to do one better than I do. He neglects to mention that he retained me for a later race. I did the trimaran design, based on trusting him from the earlier project. He told me to get the word out about it to multihullers. I did. Later he said that he wouldn’t pay for his work because I posted the work. Again, he requested that. If I may, he cheated me and I consider his word worthless.

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