Today at CSR

Pic of the 26′ Bieker proa at CSR today. Main hull is 3mm or 4mm ply with rounded chines. For race to Alaska.  I cannot understand the 80’s constant camber aesthetic with big overhangs and high bows.  More pics once I find the cable from phone to here.



4 thoughts on “Today at CSR”

  1. I would like to see your concept for the RY2K, sounds like an interesting boat. Considering the growing popularity for races like the RY2K and the everglades challenge, Raid style multi racer designs are not as common as they should be. Mono guys have the core sound series, while the multi guys have to modify beachcats. How about a fast small tri with a rowing station?

  2. Looks like the design goal was to avoid making it too light or reducing the drag from pitch too much—-.

    1. interesting question.
      would have full length waterline. reverse bow for low drag in tidal chop. tri instead of proa so don’t have to commit to one side down more. no foil as most of the trip will be in kelp beds. kickup rudder and dagger of course. also not proa as wind will be from 10 directions in an hour. unless with an aero. the Bieker unit has a track that the mast base moves on for each tack. Probably a 26 to 30 foot tri with rowing setup.

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