Why This Blog Has Been Neglected (2)

This 75′ catamaran model was also on a rush order. For carrying passengers off of cruise ships in Belieze. Was just a big chunk of boat to carry 275 passengers.

The model was for taking off ortho drawings and areas only. Owner was ready to start building immediately. After agreeing to contract, the owner said he could not pay for the plans. I had to agree to accept half fee.   I’m guessing a unit like this will bring in over $20K a day.  No, I don’t do half fee.  Wasted a couple weeks on drawings and spreadsheets.



3 thoughts on “Why This Blog Has Been Neglected (2)”

  1. Good for you! Somebody will take it. I was there in Dec on Carnival. They had all kinds of local boats running back and forth,. I thought then about the need for this kind of launch.

  2. I have been to Belize and I don’t think there is a place you would take 275 passengers to or from anywhere. The cruise ships have docks. The whole idea seems crazy! Maybe if you went to Yucatan from Belize you would have such a need.

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