More VHB Tape

I had this article on VHB here almost a year ago. I did use some 200 lineal feet of VHB tape on the lunar lander dome windows.

The lunar lander windows have been there for 9 months now, in up to 100 mph winds.    Recently one panel blew off in much less wind.  I contacted 3M to see what could possibly have happened.  All the other panels seem to be well stuck.

I do see that someone else had a problem too.  I understand it was the orange boat. And I do see he used polycarbonate, which will UV craze in in few months. Acrylic lasts longer.

This is what I learned from Jim Burger at 3M. 

After the cover comes off the panel, wash both it and the substrate with denatured alcohol.  There is no harm in sanding lightly on the contact surfaces also.  Then apply the 3M 94 primer to both contact surfaces.  Place the panels.  Finally come over the edges or corners with caulk sealant.  I used the System 3 two part poly sealant.

I did not sand mine.  I did not do the alcohol wash.  I only put primer on the substrate, not the acrylic.  I am guessing orange cat skipped some of the same.  I will do all the steps when I replace my rogue panel.

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