Not Really a Catamaran

From one of my favorite space machine designers, Daniel Simon. Not a cat, but at first glance…

1937-39 Mercedes T80
With a 44.5 liter V12 engine, 3000hp, Ferdinand Porsche design, and a speed record target at 750km/h ( 470 mph ), this 6-wheeled monster was developed to beat existing British and American records of the time – on a German Autobahn. It never happened. “


Zeevonk Sold

Zeevonk, the KHSD 45 that Henk and Joke used for tours and charters for a decade has been sold to a new owner. Joke stopped the operation after Henk’s untimely passing. Good sailing to the new owner. Zeevonk is full of memories.  Time to make new ones.


More Greg Lynn Trimaran

I have to admit this unit looks so cool that I can’t stand it. What a work of art!   The green windows make no logical sense but how cool are they? 

It almost like a 15 year old gamer designed it to only exist in cyberspace, unrestrained by how it will be at sea.  I can think of a dozen things that will not be right at sea, but it doesn’t matter.  It looks so cool.



Fiberglass for Sale

For any of my builders.

“I have a pretty good supply 16 rolls (see images attached) of Vectorply uni e-glass that I’d like to sell to a builder at a really good price if you know of anyone who could use the product. It’s 9 oz. glass in rolls that are about 15″ wide. It has a polyester veil and is made, primarily, for infusion work, as far as I can tell.

I have no idea as to pricing for the stuff, but I’m in a discounting mood so that it can be used by someone who really needs the stuff.”

Let me know if interested and I will connect you.



Cargo 60 Catamaran

I worked on this cargo cat for the Caribbean over the winter.  It is designed to be rock bottom inexpensive to build.  It will be built using a developed plywood half hull mold.  Instead of core it will be solid skin with triaxial stringers.  Internals and connectives are epoxy/plywood. 

At first glance it may look similar to the powercat 89 but except for the reverse bows, nothing is similar.  Instead of flare it merely has a spray deflector.

I finally wanted to render it and Monday I will get back to plotting out everybodys plans.



New Bieker Proa

At CSR today I saw this new Bieker proa of maybe 22′?  It is plywood/epoxy which will make Kelsall froth, probably.  Looked like it was 3mm or 4mm thick hull.  Kind of a rounded chine probably.

Odd I thought in two ways.  It has a big bow overhang and the cabin/cockpit is right at the transom.  Designed like it’s a retro unit.   It will surely pitch in waves and will surely drag transom.  Odd.  The upgrade to my power proa will have reverse bows, be of developed ply, and will have lots of hull aft of the cockpit and beams.  Find the teachable moment.



Thinning Epoxy

I typically use System 3 Silvertip epoxy. Especially when the temperature is down I find it a little hard to get it to lie down for final flow coat. In contrast, Fiberlay epoxy is much thinner and will lie flat for the flowcoat.  One could use both types or thin the thick epoxy.  Kern at Sys 3 tells me that the Silvertip can be thinned up to 20% with lacquer thinner.  Provided the surface is not porous.

I have not tried to, but I wonder if the much thinner Fiberlay epoxy might flow out from the near vertical surfaces of a CM bagging?  Solution to that would be adding cabosil.  Or use the other epoxy.