More VHB Tape

I had this article on VHB here almost a year ago. I did use some 200 lineal feet of VHB tape on the lunar lander dome windows.

The lunar lander windows have been there for 9 months now, in up to 100 mph winds.    Recently one panel blew off in much less wind.  I contacted 3M to see what could possibly have happened.  All the other panels seem to be well stuck.

I do see that someone else had a problem too.  I understand it was the orange boat. And I do see he used polycarbonate, which will UV craze in in few months. Acrylic lasts longer.

This is what I learned from Jim Burger at 3M. 

After the cover comes off the panel, wash both it and the substrate with denatured alcohol.  There is no harm in sanding lightly on the contact surfaces also.  Then apply the 3M 94 primer to both contact surfaces.  Place the panels.  Finally come over the edges or corners with caulk sealant.  I used the System 3 two part poly sealant.

I did not sand mine.  I did not do the alcohol wash.  I only put primer on the substrate, not the acrylic.  I am guessing orange cat skipped some of the same.  I will do all the steps when I replace my rogue panel.

Why This Blog Has Been Neglected (2)

This 75′ catamaran model was also on a rush order. For carrying passengers off of cruise ships in Belieze. Was just a big chunk of boat to carry 275 passengers.

The model was for taking off ortho drawings and areas only. Owner was ready to start building immediately. After agreeing to contract, the owner said he could not pay for the plans. I had to agree to accept half fee.   I’m guessing a unit like this will bring in over $20K a day.  No, I don’t do half fee.  Wasted a couple weeks on drawings and spreadsheets.



Bluebird Launch

The second of my Earthwise Catamaran ferries in Uganda was launched yesterday.  It is also plywood/epoxy CM construction.  It also went over in a few containers.  I am especially thrilled as the builders seem to have followed the plans on this unit.  It may be over powered but we will see.  There are a lot of pictures so I will do in a sequence.  First Rob, the CEO and Aaron head of the away team.



KHSD 45 Launch

I was sent a link to the launch of one of my 45 cats. It does not say whose boat it is. Splashy orange paint makes it look like a G4.



I do have several concerns upon looking closer.  Where did the forward cockpit come from?  I thought both Lat 38 magazine and I made good cases against doing that.  Imagine opening the front door slugging  to windward in a gale.

Next, vertical windows?  Trying to imitate Gunboat again?  Even my F150 doesn’t have vertical windows.   I can’t tell if the window framing is plywood or foam/glass, but my sense is the windows will be blown out in the first chop the boat encounters.  That would be survivable if the boat had a weather deck.  That is coamings at the companionways.  It does not.  I hope I don’t see this unit on the news.  A design is not a basket of features; it has to have an underlying cohesion of concept.


Alex Is Cruising

Alex took Salty Cat out for a cruise to Sucia Island. “There was no dock space available and the mooring buoys were all taken so we had to anchor. We did this at the shallow head of the bay, much to the envy of the deeper draft sailboats.”  Recall Salty Cat is a 45′ foam/glass cat with an unstayed Aeroesque mast.