Retired Climbing Ropes

The January issue of Practical Sailor had an article suitable for a few lines in Post-Apocalyptic Boatbuilding.
It notes that retired climbing ropes (they call them ropes) usually have very little UV damage or wear.  And are retired early and often.  While they stretch a bit more than our top low stretch lines, they have many uses where stretch is expected or even useful.

This gets you a peek.

There are 5 different kinds of ropes, but I gather that single dynamic are what we want.

Bootleg Sunchaser 58

I got a request the other day to help evaluate a catamaran buy in SoCal. It turns out it was one of the bootleg Sunchaser 58s that John Shaw splashed and sped off with. 

Funny thing; when they went through USCG certification, MSC was calling me with questions. One question was how was it possible that a 58 could weight 50,000 lbs I think it was. The other was it had the lowest laminate testing numbers they had seen.

Get one done right by a reputable builder, with designer support.



Canon Financial Services

Canon makes a great printer, but CFS out of New Jersey is the sleeziest organization that I have come across in years. I bought the printer with the understanding that I would make 3 years of payments then it was mine.  Contrary to what was said, it turned out actually that I could buy it from them then. The vendor told  me that was news to him and we would work something out when the 3 years were up.
I wasn’t really paying attention to when the time was up. It was up in November, but as they told me, “we will never tell you when the 3 years are finished”.   And the extra payments are considered frosting to them and gone. 

I have been given 2 weeks to pay in full, but they will insist on getting two more payments afterwards or they can ruin my credit.  And it is all governed by the laws of NJ. Note to anyone else in future, they are utterly dishonest.


A Snap from Pedigree

I got this recent picture of a couple of jobs in the Pedigree Cats yard. Is the truck under the Shuttleworth 53 new?  The cat has been there since Bill Clinton was president.  It has a luscious interior but looks very dated outside, to my eyes.  And the structure is more flexible than I insist on.
The big unit on the left is interesting. It is something like 86′ and nice and wide. It does have no visible main beam under the mast inside. The fiberglass box beam is under the floor. All glass. I did a quick calc and recall predicting a deflection of 2″ (50mm) from mast load upwind.  Might be moderately alarming?



Lots of changes in the biz lately. I will get more details to add here and maybe readers can also add information.

MAS Epoxy was bought.
Schooner Creek Boatworks was bought.
Invictus has a new owner.
Mark Ganulin, the goto guy for multihulls at USCG head office at MSC, has retired.                                                                                                                     IBEX seminars has a new director, Sarah Devlin.