Molds Available

Female molds are available for two of my designs. First, for the 46/48 daycharter cats like Leila or YellowBird.
Next, a second set of Sunchaser 58 molds are available, in Canada. Contact me if you want to build any of these cats much more quickly than usual.

Email and Phone Update.

Drizzle/Reliable still does not know what caused interruption of my server. I do know that some of you mentioned emails bouncing then. Tech asks if you had any emails bounce, if you could forward to me and I will to tech.
On slightly related note, Century Link said they could do my office phone for half the price of the reseller. Supposedly it was today. Not sure if they did it or not and if so, if my features still work.
My cell is different system and is at 206 719 4893 if needed.

My Recent Lecture

About a week and a half ago I was invited to give a lecture to the Bellingham Power Squadron on catamarans.
I figured that I would power through the images from the blog and talk story a bit on the informative ones. Not that easy.

My little laptop is only a few years old.  Turns out it was too old.  It did not have an HDMI port and nobody had an adaptor.  So it couldn’t talk to the bigscreen.  We did copy some pictures onto a thumbdrive for the bigscreen, but then the bigscreen crashed.

Luckily I had lots of composite construction samples to pass around,  and put together a presentation from those.  Improvise!

For me, the big take-away was from my host Alex who built one of my 45 cats with an aeroesque rig.

He noted that he joined the power squadron to be able to attend their classes on wiring and other technologies.  I had not considered that before.  Something for people to look into.

Sorry So Gone

Sorry that I have let the blog lapse a bit. There has been several deadlines, a lecture that I gave and an uptick in study plans.
Next week I will post more these, but :
Finished the 75 cat for customer in UK
Finished 78′ ferry cats for NCL except for confirmation on Volvo engines.

New 35′ tri design.
New 62′ cat design
Major upgrade for the 23′ tri